Make learning and teaching more effective with active participation and student collaboration

Vitalizer Mind Academy – is a dynamic squad of professionals from many fields who have approch together to spread Dermatoglyphics Multiple intelligence Test & Mid Brain Activation conception in bharat, Headed by Dr.Harkesh Kushawah & squad Vitalizer Mind Academy is dedicated for the sensibility of D.M.I.T.& M.B.A.globally.


Vitalizer Mind Academy started in Kushinagar in 2017 and includes both mass and individual participants. It has links with various education sectors. Vitalizer Mind Academy reaches out to people through media; Kushinagar Sambadata and Newspoint to expand business. After getting good response from Kushinagar, Vitalizer Mind Academy is planning to set up our companies in different cities in Kushinagar.


Vitalizer started operations in Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh in early 2017. We got a huge response here and we have never regretted it. And at the end of 2017 Vitalizer Mind Academy started to build its network nationwide and we currently have a network in 35 cities in India.

2022: We launch e-learning products that help parents solve many of their children’s school problems.


Vitalizer Mind Academy now has 55 products connected to the DMIT and MidBrain activation services. Through these products, our employees provide solutions to their customers’ daily problems and succeed in spreading happiness in society.


So for us this is not the end, but the beginning. Our goal is to expand the Vitalizer Mind Academy network to other countries by 2023.

Our people are extraordinary, both as individuals and as part of a team, and together we set the standard for delivering the most innovative technology known as D.M.I.T & M.B.A. We’re always improving what we do, and our customers can rely on us to provide exceptional technology and service.

We do what’s right, not just what “works.”

DMIT | Midbrain Activation

As you know, India’s education system is more focused on cramming information into the minds of our children than providing them with real knowledge that will enable them to have successful careers. Our system also ignores each child’s special learning needs, which are unique, causing tremendous stress. Shockingly, more than 12,000 students in India have committed suicide because of the stress of facing exams. This number is alarming and makes us wonder where our system went wrong!!!!!! You as a parent must play an active role in understanding the special potential inherent in your child and in developing appropriate learning methods according to your child’s needs. The DMIT technique was developed by scientists and researchers from world-renowned universities and is based on knowledge from genetics, embryology, dermatoglyphics, psychology and neurology. The DMIT technique was developed by scientists and researchers from world-renowned universities and is based on knowledge from genetics, embryology, dermatoglyphics, psychology and neurology.

Midbrain activation is a technique to optimize the function of our midbrain, which is the “bridge” between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Activating this “bridge” allows information to flow between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, resulting in more efficient learning and absorption of information. Scientists have discovered an important middle area in the human brain called the midbrain. However, as the left brain develops, it becomes more difficult to bring out the right brain’s abilities. When a child’s brain is full of knowledge, it becomes very difficult to train and develop his right brain. The Shichida Method believes that knowledge education should not be overemphasized and that nurturing a child’s ability to learn independently is very important. Our main goal is to awaken a child’s brain by activating their midbrain to reach its potential where they can learn optimally from both hemispheres.

Message from our Founder & CEO

“My mission is to create a world with Vitalizer Mind Academy where we can live in harmony with Vitalizer (nature) and generate an optimistic impact on society.” Our company motto is to help our customers exceed their expectations. We started our journey in 2017 with Retail Business. We received an overwhelming response from both individuals and the masses. After completing 2 successful years in retail business, we started to offer our customers full franchise training, support and after sales service. We have been working on our excellence for the last 5 years and built our business with more than 1000 customers worldwide. We don’t just sell dmit and midbrain software, we share experiences and teach our clients how to start a business, best way to target individuals and masses, how to give effective dmit reporting advice and midbrain activation seminars give importance of after-sales service, how to make word of mouth more effective. Based on this, our customers have achieved perfection and are given the opportunity to write their own “success story”.


The Vitalizer Mind Academy team is 100% dedicated and committed to the role at hand. Our company M Vitalizer Mind Academy has achieved success over the years and now we dream the same for our customers that they can excel in their skills, passion, passion and strength and show their inner abilities to the world.

So come and connect with the world’s best DMIT || A company that activates the midbrain and fulfills your life’s dreams. It doesn’t matter whether you are from a small town or a metropolis; Your ambition, dedication, commitment, determination and willingness to learn will help you conquer the world. Don’t forget to leave your BELEGAR in the world.

Consistently doing hard work, hard work and hard work; Never settle for less, build your own brand and tell the world another legend has arrived…!!

Our Valuable Team Members

Mr. Chandan Kushwaha (Director)

‘’The Technical progress involves three elements: Knowledge. Energy and Material…..” Exchanges with different people are always close to my heart. My goal is information and sensitivity for DMIT & MBA. Being a strategic thinker with an analytical mind and strong problem-solving skills has helped me succeed so far.


Dr Ch. Kushwaha (Block Head and Business advisor)

Dr. Ch. Kushwaha merges the power of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) and Mind Developement programe (MDP) to drive company growth. By uncovering Students’ innate talents through DMIT and aligning them with organizational goals using MBA expertise, Dr. Ch. Kushwaha creates an environment of innovation and productivity. His visionary leadership transforms businesses and propels them towards success.

“Unlock Your Potential with DMIT and MDP: Empower Your Mind, Elevate Your Business.”

Mr. Deepak Yadav (Technical & IT Manager )

“My goal is to provide inspirational information about DMIT & Mid Brain that moves people to act for a successful business.”

Playing with PCs has forever been perhaps of my wellbeing. Introducing programming projects and getting into specialized perspectives rouses me to take care of my Business better step by step. With VMA I’m experiencing my fantasy and I’m appreciating to help the clients in all conceivable specialized ways… .

Mr. Deepak Kushwaha (Relationship Manager & Block Head)

“My mission is to promote DMlT and MidBrain Activation and give our customers the opportunity to start their business.”

Selling is not just selling products to customers, but involves a lot of interaction and understanding the needs of each customer. I’ve always loved a challenge and have a strong interest in interacting with people to meet their needs.

Mr. Abhay Ranjan Mishra (Team Coordinator & Yoga Advisor)

“It is not about being best; it’s about being better than yesterday”

The team coordinator keeps team members organized, focused on the project, and setting goals. The team coordinator sets challenging but achievable goals and is accountable for achieving those goals. In terms of results, the team coordinator strives for efficiency without sacrificing quality. Your goal is to keep everyone on the same footing and move without incident. Physical and mental fitness is most important than other we increase all human life quality with vitalizer mind academy

Mr. Durgesh Kushwaha (Co-block head, Trainer)

“You have the solution to every problem, the resources to fight against every limit. Imagine you can have whatever luxury you set for yourself. Because there is an infinite universe in your mind.”

I have forever been enthusiastic about offering my insight to other people and being a trainer has assisted me with doing that. Having solid relational knowledge has assisted me with turning into a fruitful coach and preparing others on similar has been a magnificent encounter by a long shot.

Mr. Sunil Gupta (Co block Head and advisor)

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

I have always been passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and being a trainer has helped me to do that. Having strong interpersonal intelligence has helped me become a successful trainer and training others on the same has been a wonderful experience by far.

Mr. Arvind Kushwaha (Relationship Manager & Block Head)

“Vitalizer Mind Academy not only handles business operations, but also focuses on how transactions are managed to create an optimistic impact on society.”

Sales is not just about selling a product to the customer but it involves a lot of interaction and understanding the requirements of each and every client. I have always loved challenges and have a keen interest in Interacting with individuals to cater their needs.